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How to use this decoderDecode your VIN instantly!falconlinkbkrndspcr.gif (74 bytes)

Instant VIN Decoder Instructions

(The Warranty Plate - you will find this on the rear face (lock face) of the driver's door.
Click picture  for a bigger view)

Instructions on using the VIN decoder:

Choose the year of your car.

Match the information on your VIN data plate to fill out the decoder. 

Use the Data plate image above as a guide if you cannot find a field.  

Make sure to fill in a field for EACH of the categories.  Click the submit button when complete.

This form can decode selectable years of American Falcons, Rancheros, and Sedan Deliveries ONLY. This form does have other codes that relate to other American Ford cars, but is incomplete in their cases.

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